Is your baby due in August?  You need to be booking into Hypnobirthing Australia classes now to commence in May/June.  Classes are filling fast, so book now to avoid missing out.


Breastfeeding Basics:  breastfeeding in the first six months after birth. Breastfeeding is a time to bond with your baby, so try to ensure that it’s a calm and enjoyable experience.  You will need to shape each breast to the same shape as your baby’s mouth and make sure baby’s mouth is open wide as both …

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Hypnobirthing Australia|On|Sunrise|

Wow, some very exciting news.  On Tuesday 10th February, 2015, Melissa Spilsted the Director of Hypnobirthing Australia was featured on Channel 7’s Sunrise in prime time morning tv.  This is amazing coverage for Hypnobirthing Australia and all of our practitioners.  Our new ceasarean course and our trusted hypnobirthing childbirth classes were both showcased.  For more …

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Happy Australia Day 2015 – January 26th.  We are truly blessed to call Australia our home.  Such gratitude – thank you.  Welcome to all the new babies born today, your new home is the best country in the world.

Positive Caesarean Birth

  Australia set to deliver a world first for caesarean births An Australian childbirth education expert is set to deliver a world first for parents who birth their babies via planned caesarean. The program promises to prepare parents for a positive and empowering caesarean birth experience utilising hypnotherapy techniques! See More Hypnobirthing Australia™, the …

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Play – Learn – Grow Baby loves to hear your voice.  He/she has been listening to your voice for 9 months in utero. Talk to your baby everyday, he/she is always listening and learning!


Always actively supervise your child/children at bath time. Active supervision has four key elements and here they are:   1. Be prepared – always make sure you have everything you need for bathing your child/children before you enter the bathroom.   2.  Be close – always be within an arms reach of your child/children.   …

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Alcohol And Breastfeeding|

Alcohol gets into your breastmilk from your blood and can move freely from your blood to your breastmilk.  Alcohol will be present in breastmilk 30 – 60 minutes after having an alcoholic drink. The following will affect how much alcohol gets into your breastmilk: *  the strength and amount of alcohol that you consume *  what …

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Wishing all mummies a very happy Mother’s Day 2014. Mothers’ are the guardians of life – they embody the mysterious regenerations that sustains all humanity.  Their wealth of inherited wisdom is transmitted down through the generations, from Mothers to daughters, Grandmothers to grand-daughters all over the world.  Mothers’ are the selfless nurturers of the helpless.  Motherhood …

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Hepatitis B|

Hepatitis B is a virus that is too small to see but can cause serious illness in the liver and the body.    A healthy liver cleans the blood, fights off infection, helps to break down food and nutrients and stores vitamins.  Hepatitis B can make the liver inflamed and scarred (cirrhosis) and unable to do its proper …

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