*  Set aside 30 minutes on the weekend to plan your menu and your week ahead.  Involve all of the family so that everyone takes ownership.

Good health takes some work, so allow yourself to put yourself first, eat well, drink plenty of water and exercise often.

*  Prepare the evening meal in the morning if you’re a stay at home Mum.  If you’re a working Mum, have something simple for dinner on work nights.

*  Have a “put away” basket in each room in your home.  Tidy as you go and put things into the baskets as you are finished with them, then each evening put everything in its permanent place.  Older children can put away their own items.

Sit together as a family for dinner each evening, talk about your day and let the children talk about theirs.  Share some stories and praise the children for their positive behaviour and listening skills.

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