Want To Be More Decisive?|

Here’s a quick seven ways to be decisive and make decisions quickly.

Set yourself a deadline.  By giving yourself a limited time frame, this can help you to make a decision more quickly.

*  Listen to your gut feeling and go with that.  Learn to trust your inner voice to reach you decision faster.

*  Visualise your decision.  See and feel the outcome of your decision.  If it feels right, go with it.

*  Always look ahead.  Once you’ve made a decision, don’t focus on the what ifs as they now belong in the  past.

 *  Meditate on it.  Still your mind to help find the answer you are looking for.

*  Write down your thoughts.  Make a list of the pros and cons.  Work your way through options on your list.  Often the answer you are seeking will become clear and logical

*  Be brave.  Tough decisions are sometimes the ones that bring emotional and practical outcomes to a head.  Be confident with your decision and go with it.

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