2013As we approach the end of 2012, and welcome in the new year 2013, why not think about setting some realistic goals to acheive this coming year.

Start with some big possibility thinking where you let go of all your fears, and open your mind up to every possibility.

Then assess whether your goals are compatible with your dreams and will be realistic to achieve.

Take some paper and divide it into two columns, on the left side write down possible obstacles that might get in the way of you achieving your particular goal.  Then on the right hand side, write down possible solutions to those obstacles.

Commit to acheiving your goals, perhaps you could have twelve small goals for the year, one for each month and start working on steps to acheiving your first goal.  Or six bigger goals, one to be acheived every two months, or three even larger goals and work toward acheiving one every four months.  Get the idea, the larger the goal the longer it will take to acheive, so make your time frame for acheiving goals realistic depending on how big your goal is.

Celebrate milestones or each mini goal that you reach along the way.  Make up a reward system to keep you motivated.  Such as a night out at the movies or a day out to lunch or a night out to dinner at a favourite restaurant once you are halfway to acheiving your goal.  That reward system should keep your motivaiton high.

If you get off track just look for a different path.  There are many different pathway options that will lead to you acheiving  your goal.  It doesn’t matter how you get there, it just matters that you do get there in the end.

Most of all have fun along the way.  Imagine how amazing you will feel in another years time when you sit back at the end of 2013 and reflect on the year that has just been, on what you have acheived, and as you sit down to then map out your goals for the next year ahead 2014.

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