How To Treasure Yourself|


* Manifest your dreams and desires every single day and have absolute faith in your ability to acheive them.  Try this affirmation:  I create my future daily, filled with possitivity and love.

*  Release yourself from fear and doubt as they are just stumbling blocks to your success.  You are a strong woman with limitless potential and possibilities.  Enjoy being vibrant, healthy and joyful filled with light and love.

*  Try this mantra:  Everything I do is done for the higher good for myself and others

*  Welcome each moment as it comes to you as life opens up in wonderful ways.  Your experience of life is an adventure, so flow freely with it and let your existence in your physical body stimulate you.  Be passionate about your goals and inspired by the opportunities that the universe provides for you.

*  Remind yourself each and every day that you are shown new opportunities and experiences.  All we have is now.  So choose to live life fully, being vibrant, enthusiastic and alive to every possitility presented to you.

*  Tell yourself this affirmation daily:  ” Everything I’m searching for is within me right now.  My intuition guides me through life, and my inner voice is wise and all knowing what is best for me”.



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