This is the second blog post in the four part Baby Play series. Today we will take a look at quiet play.  So play does not always have to be busy, it can be restful and soothing.  Quiet reflective play is as important toyour baby’s wellbeing as are times of social and physically active play.  …

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Baby floor play will be the first in a series of four baby play articles.   Babies busily examine everything around them, learning by seeing, touching, tasting, feeling and hearing.  They explore and experiment to discover new information.  New skills are mastered through practise and repetition. As a parent, you can help by understanding the …

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Once you become aware of tired signs, you’ll know it’s time to put your little one to bed. *Jerky movements *Fist clenching *Frowning *Yawning *Gazing *Grizlling *Crying/screaming *Rubbing eyes/face/ears *Red eyebrows *Dark circles under eyes *Back arching *Clingy, wanting to be held *No interest in exploring the environment

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