Here are 10 tips to help prevent accidental poisoning in children



*  Lock poisons away – medicines, hazardous chemicals, cleaning detergents and personal cosmetics and oils are all dangerous to young children.

*  Store poisons out of reach and out of sight – if you can’t lock them away, then put your poisons on high shelves behind closed cupboard doors.

*  Don’t underestimate your child’s abilities or interests – children’s abilities and interests change very quickly.  Always use safe storage areas, and put poisons away straight after use.

*  Check that child resistant caps are working on medicine and cleaning containers.

*  Avoid taking medicines in front of your children – as children usually will imitate their parents actions.

*  Never refer to medicines as “lollies” – always refer to medicines as medicines.

*  Always keep your dishwasher door locked – never place dishwashing powder into the soap container until you are ready to turn it on.

*  Don’t leave paint brushes to soak in mineral turpentine – clean them immediately or keep them out of reach and out of sight until you can properly clean them.

*  Keep visitors handbags out of your child’s reach.

*  Never transfer chemicals or cleaning products to another container, especially food or drink containers.

Source:  State Government Victoria – Department Of Human Services.



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