Want to know how to get your pre baby body back? 

Want to know how to get your pre baby body back?  Here’s how.

Do you wonder if you will ever recover after pregnancy and get your pre baby body back?  For those mummys who are breastfeeding, you will loose a lot of weight naturally.  Eating healthy and exercising during pregnancy will help you achieve the body you are desiring after birth. 

Continue to eat healthy after bub is born, and get out each day with baby in the pram for a half hour walk which will be great for both you and bub.  A walk will often soothe and calm an unsettled baby and at the same time Mum is getting the daily exercise and fresh air that she needs. 

Try listening to some positive personal development mp3’s when out walking and don’t forget to take your water bottle with you.  Daily walks will build endurance and improve blood flow. 

Getting back into shape is gradual and continual.  You will need to show discipline, determination and organization.  The hardest part is making the decision to start and then just doing it.  Over time it just becomes a habit that will be a part of your daily routing.

Try scheduling your exercise into a daily planner and record your food intake into a food journal.  This will make you more aware of exactly what you are eating each day.  Remember to eat healthy food from all food groups to ensure you are having a balanced diet.  Reward yourself with some pampering along the way for your efforts, remember that your body has been through enormous changes and you have to give it time to settle back down, but it will and you absolutely deserve recognition for your efforts.


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