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If you’re expecting a baby in December or just love the festive season, here’s a list of Christmas inspired girls and boys names. Do you know of any others? Happy Christmas to everyone! Girls: Angel – The heavenly being who spread the news of the birth of Jesus Carol -English for hymn or song Gabrielle/Gabriella – …

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A woman renewing her driver’s licence, was asked by the customer service assistant to state her occupation She hesitated, uncertain how to classify herself “What I mean is”, explained the assistant “do you have a job or are you just a ……”? “Of course I have a job”, snapped the customer. “I’m a Mum” “We …

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I’m presently completing Hypnobirthing certification with Hypnobirthing Australia and the lovely Melissa Spilsted – Director in Melbourne.  All content has an Australian focus.  So please watch this space as I will be offering trainings in early 2014


Want to know how to get your pre baby body back?  Here’s how.   Do you wonder if you will ever recover after pregnancy and get your pre baby body back?  For those mummys who are breastfeeding, you will loose a lot of weight naturally.  Eating healthy and exercising during pregnancy will help you achieve the body you …

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The time that a baby spends on his/her tummy is very important to development.  A firm flat surface such as a rug on top of the carpeted floor is the best place.  A soft or padded surface makes it too hard for baby to move and can be a sufocation risk. It’s hard work for …

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