This is the second blog post in the four part Baby Play series.

Today we will take a look at quiet play.  So play does not always have to be busy, it can be restful and soothing.  Quiet reflective play is as important toyour baby’s wellbeing as are times of social and physically active play. 

By learning to read your baby’s cues, you will know when he/she needs your company and when he/she is content to be alone.  When baby is unsettled or wants reassuring, use play times for bonding by cuddling, rocking, stroking or patting.  Take a quiet walk, share a book, sing lullabies or simply just be together.

Baby is content being alone when babbling happily on waking, lying quietly watching a mobile, looking at him/herself in a mirror or cuddling a favourite toy.  No need to interrupt playtime when amusing him/herself.  These are special times when baby sets the pace of his/her own play.  Establishing routine quiet playtimes increases concentration, self motivation and self settling skills.

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