Baby floor play will be the first in a series of four baby play articles.


Babies busily examine everything around them, learning by seeing, touching, tasting, feeling and hearing.  They explore and experiment to discover new information.  New skills are mastered through practise and repetition.

As a parent, you can help by understanding the way babies learn and by providing a variety of play experiences.

Floor Play:

Create a safe play space on the floor, or outside with a blanket and some toys.  To give baby different things to touch and see, place a towel or satin sheet on the blanket.  Try using all sorts of textures for baby to feel.

Lie baby on his/her back to stretch, kick and develop hand skills.  Turn baby onto his/her tummy to strengthen back, neck, shoulder and arm muscles and to give him/her a chance to practice head control.

As your baby grows, interesting things to explore become an important part of floor play.  Select a few items and change them often.  Popular toys choices are:

*  soft blocks or balls

*  activity centres

*  mobiles

*  soft toys

*  books

*  rattles

*  mirrors

*  bead frames

*  boxes, containers and plastic ware

Once baby is old enough to sit up, put these toys ina box, bag or basket to pack and unpack.

*  Always supervise your baby during play time and never leave unattended.

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