Babies are unique and individual and will all have different sleep needs.  There are no hard and fast rules about sleep.  As you spend more time with your baby, you will begin to understand more about your baby’s sleep needs, cues and patterns.  After three months, it will be easier to establish a routine for regular settling behaviours.

*  a newborn baby in the first 2 – 3 weeks will usually need 16 – 20 hours of sleep each day.  Feeding and sleeping are usually quite predictable at this age.

*  after three weeks, parents often find their baby will be sleeping less, about 16 – 18 hours and crying more.

*  at six weeks of age your baby will sleep on average around 15-16 hours each day.

*  by four months of age, babies may sleep 5-10 hours at night, plus have two naps of 2-3 hours each.

*  a baby of 6 -7 months of age can sleep all night without waking for an overnight feed.  This means that baby will sleep at night between 6 – 12 hours plus have both a morning and afternoon nap of 1-2 hours.

*  by 9 months of age, the average sleep can be around 11-12 hours at night, plus two naps.

*  by 12 months babies can sleep up to 12 hours with two shorter daytime naps.

Just remember that your baby is unique and each baby will be different in their sleeping needs.  Happy parenting, you have the best job in the world.

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