Upsize Your Brain

Here are some easy ways for busy mums to improve their concentration and decision making in just minutes.

When you have a couple of minutes at the traffic lights, just breathe.  I know this sounds obvious but alot of people don’t inhale and exhale fully, which stresses their nervous system.  Take a long, slow, deep breath and hold for as long as is comfortable, then slowly exhale.  This will help to turn on the rest and relax processes of your nervous system.  your concentration will sharpen and your anxiety levels will decrease.  You’ll also arrive at your destination in a calm frame of mind.

If you are waiting for an appointment, use the time wisely and delete the messages and calls from your mobile phone.  Waiting for appointments can be a waste of your precious time, so use it wisely.

Visualise the day ahead in a positive way.  Try doing this before getting out of bed in the morning.  Create a mental image of yourself successfully navigating any difficulties and recognising and potential pitfalls and capably handling each one.  Imagined success increases the likelihood of real success.  Your brain already has mapped out a winning strategy for you.  When you see yourself as capable, you boost your resilience and motivation.  This is how elite athletes who imagine a successful win perform such actions.

Make sure you eat breakfast and lunch.  Your brain needs fuel from healthy foods.  Without it, your body will experience a physiological stress response.  Include some protein in your lunch and find a peaceful place to enjoy your food.  Relaxation relieves stress and aids digestion.

Have some down time on a Sunday evening.  Just do a simple activity to nurture yourself.  A walk in nature with the pram or even the dog, a bubble bath with some aromatherapy candles, or some quiet time spent alone meditating.  Your brainwaves will have a chance to switch from the usual rapid and erratic beta rhythm to a slower, resting alpha rhythm.  This is the relaxed state that allows the grey matter of your brain to recharge.

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