*If you feel that you’re not quite as confident as you would like to be, why not fake it temporarily.  From the outside, it’s hard to tell between really being confident and imitating.  Bluff your way through situations and will achieve the success that leads you to authentic confidence.

*Let your body language talk.  The easiest way to appear more confident in an instant is to focus on fixing your body language.  So pull your shoulders back, stand tall, make eye contact and most importantly, put on your best smile.

*Always look the part.  Confidence comes from knowing you look your best, so always pay attention to your clothing and grooming. 

*Expect success.  Usually others are more accepting of us than we think they will be.  Go into new situations with the expectation of acceptance and success and you will exude a natural confidence.

*Unleash your inner child.  Confidence is your birthright, but sometimes you lose it along the journey.  As a child, you were once blissfully unaware of external judgement.

*Don’t take things too personally.  Rejection and disappointment can make anyone feel down.  Remember the old saying that what someone else thinks of me is none of my business and whilst that someone else is talking about me, they are leaving someone else alone.

*Accept compliments graciously.  Receive praise with a “thank you” and always praise yourself rather than letting that little voice in your head put yourself down.  Each compliment received is boosting you bank account of confidence.

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