Baby’s Tired Signs

Frowning:  One moment baby can appear content, and then loses eye contact with you and looks away.  There may be a definite frown over the forehead and eyes.

Clenched fists:  Baby’s hands are no longer open and relaxed but are clenched and tightly closed

Hand to mout action:  Baby can end up scratching his/her cheeks or eyes, when what he/she is attempting to do is suck on a finger or thumb in order to comfort himself.

Jerky movements:  Especially with arms.

Yawning:  This is the most obvious tired sign.  If baby yawns then baby needs to go straight to bed.  Yawning is the result of a low oxygen intake and the body responds to this by yawning.

Grizzling:  This starts out on a low scale and then proceeds to full on crying.  This cry can sound like a growl.






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