Amazing Birth

Your baby’s birth has the potential to be an amazing experience.

Pain in birth is caused by the fear-tension-pain cycle.  You fear the unknown, become tense and feel pain.  When you are relaxed and calm, you won’t have pain.  Here are some non-medical methods of staying calm, relaxed and as free of discomfort as possible.

*  Be confidant in yourself and your support person

*  Be aware of the way you deal with stressful situations

*  Apply local applications of heat

*  Massage

*  Counter pressure

*  Emotional support

*  Feel safe and guided

*  Vocalisation

*  Music

*  Rocking movements

*  Bath or shower

*  Aromatherapy

*  Relaxation techniques, including visualisation and meditation

*  Recite positive affirmations

*  Sit on a birthing ball or relax into a bean bag

*  Keep your energy high by eating and drinking plenty of water

*  Have your room comfortably set up with dimmed lighting and soft music

Have an amazing birth experience.

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