5 Shopping Tips For Purchasing A High Chair

  • When purchasing a high chair, look for one with an adjustable tray and foot rest that will grow with your baby.


  • Also make sure that the height can be adjusted, so that you can feed your baby at different height benches.  Your baby will also appreciate the change of scenery.


  • Babies always make lots of mess at mealtime, this is absolutely normal and to be expected.  So look for a surface that is super easy to keep clean.  Plastic is much easier to clean than wood.  A removable eating tray and a seat cushion would be great.  High edges around the eating tray will minimise messy spills.


  • If you like to move the high chair out of the kitchen when it isn’t meal time, look for one that is lightweight or has wheels.  Of course the wheels would need to be able to be locked when your baby is sitting in the chair.  Also check the weight of the chair when your baby is in it.


  • For greater stability, choose a high chair with a wide base or legs.  The lower centre of gravity provides the best stability and helps to prevent falls.  If you are looking for a storage efficient chair that folds, ensure that it has a locking mechanism to stop it from collapsing at the wrong time, and keep it closed when it’s meant to stay closed.

Hope you find these tips helpful.

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