20 Ways To Relax For New Mums

Me time is so important for all new Mums.  How can you care for someone else if you don’t care for yourself first?  Relaxation is a must so that you are able to cope with the heavy demands of  your newborn, not to mention older siblings.  Of course relaxing will not solve all of lifes problems, but can certainly help you to gain clarity and put the day ahead into perspective.

Here are some tips to get you started.

1.   Take a bath – this will help you to unwind.  Try burning some oils and candles for a truly relaxing experience.

2.  Enjoy a well earned cuppa –  Take 10 minutes out of your busy schedule to actually sit down whilst enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.  This can really help you to have a quick shot of me time before getting back to it all.

3.  Play some favourite music –  Put on your favourite music cd, whatever that is for you.

4.  Meditate – Take 10 minutes out to sit quietly, concentrate on your breathing and still your mind.  If thoughts come to mind simply hit the delete button and let them float away.  With practice you will get better at doing this.  Like the saying goes “in one ear and out the other”, well that’s exactly what you need to do with thoughts if they come in, just let them float right back out again.  Over time you will start to notice the positive effects that meditation brings.

5.  Watch a DVD – This may be a big ask with you restricted time, but try putting on a DVD when it is feed time, you can watch the DVD each time you feed, so by the end of the day you will have watched the whold movie.

6.  Yoga – Buy yourself a yoga DVD to relax, tone and destress.

7.  Sleep – Getting enough sleep is so important for you to be able to function each day.  Don’t worry about what house work isn’t done.  I can absolutely guarantee you that the housework will still be there and waiting for you tomorrow AFTER you have had a good nights sleep.

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