Look After Yourself So You Can Look After Others

As mothers and mothers to be, we need to fill ourselves up so that we can give to others.  Here are some ideas to get you started.


*  put on a cd of your favourite music

*  dance around the house

*  try belly dancing

*   make a start on writing your very own book

*  recite poetry

*  meditate

*  potter in the garden

*  plant your favourite herbs and flowers

*  have a bubble bath with scented candels and a glass of bubbly

*  burn some aromatherapy oils

*  relax with a magazine

*  phone your Mum or a friend

*  paint your fingernails and toenails

*  soak your feet  in a foot spa

*  make yourself lunch and set yourself a place at the table

*  invite some friends/relatives to your house for morning or afternoon tea

*  enjoy an afternoon nap to revitalise

*  walk in nature

*  give yourself a home facial or enjoy one by a professional in a salon

*  make gift cards

*  tell someone you love that you love them, it’s too late once they’re gone

*  clean your jewellery

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