‘Everyday Play’ is the final in this series of four baby play articles.

Routines help children know what to expect and give rhythm to life.  The cycle of feed, play, sleep is often established.  Play lifts otherwise boring routines into opportunities for sharing, learning, bonding and fun.

Why not try:

*A massage or song at nappy change time

*Splashes and pouring at bath time

*Colourful balls and floating toys in the bath water for older babies and toddlers

*Chatting to your baby as you go about your daily routines

*Pointing out things of interest when walking, shopping or visiting, everything in this world is new and interesting to baby

*Singing a rhyme when putting baby in the car seat

*Keeping a bag of safe toys in the car for travelling

There is a few simple ideas that you can use for everyday play.  Why not add to this list, I’m sure you’ll think of plenty more yourself.

Happy parenting.

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