* Not drinking enough water:

If you are dehydrated, your energy levels will be low, especially in the summer months.  Around 2 litres of water a day is required.  You may need even more if you live in a warm tropical climate, are pregnant or breastfeeding or exercising.

*Too little sleep:

Not enough sleep is certainly going to zap your energy.  Here’s a guide to all the family’s requirements, remember each person is a unique individual so times will vary, this is a guide only.

Infants, 16 hours

Toddlers, 14 hours

Children, 9 – 12 hours

Teenagers, 9 hours

Adults, 7 – 8 hours

Pregnant women, 8 – 10 hours

*Too much sugar:

Eating processed, sugary foods will cause your glucose levels to increase, followed then by a drop.  Choosing low GI foods will give you a longer and more sustained energy release.

*Not breathing properly:

Sitting hunched, you will be partly reducing the quality of your breathing.  Sit up tall and breathe deeply to expand your lungs.





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