Cords on blinds and curtains can be a serious risk for babies and young children, especially the under 3 age group.  Children can injure or even strangle themselves on the cords that hand from curtains and older style blinds.

A small child could potentially place their head in the loop created by the cord.  It the child then tries to sit or falls down, the can strangle themselves in the loop.  The cord or chain loop used to open and close vertical blinds can also pose the same risks.  Around 10 Australian children have been accidentally strangled by blind or curtain cords.

*Place your childs cot, highchair or playpen away from the window.

*Young children love to climg and will often climb on furniture to look out the window.  Keep furniture away from the windows so that your child doesn’t have the opportunity to climb.

*The bottom of any cord should be at least 160cms. above the floor

Accidental strangulation can happen very quickly.  Do not leave your children unattended in a room where they may become entangled in blind or curtain cords.

If you already have corded blinds or curtains in your home:

*keep the cords out of your childs readh

*have existing blinds/curtains modified to make them safer

If you are thinking about buying corded blinds or curtains for your home:

*make sure they have safe design features and carry warnings about potential strangulation hazards

*make sure no loops are left hanging down

For further information contact the australian Competition & Consumer Commission or telephone ACCC Infocentre 1300 302 502

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