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Watch your thoughts as thoughts become your words,

Watch your words as words become your actions,

Watch your actions as actions will become your habits,

Watch your habits as habits become your character,

Watch your character for it becomes your destiny – Peggy McColl

This is a very true verse, so keep it in mind as you design and create your dream life.

Some Information About Affirmations:
Affirmations or auto suggestions, a tool for changing your beliefs through the power of repetition (they will become a knowing so that you won’t have to think about them on a conscious level), or through strong emotion.  They are used to break through limiting thoughts and beliefs.  You will need to take inspired action based upon your new thoughts and beliefs as you co-create with the universe with its divine help. Affirmations must be stated in the present tense as if what you are saying is already a reality in your life.  Use emotionallly engaging language.  Use a thesaurus to help you identify words that express what you mean and speak from your heart.

Remember though that words without any action will have no true meaning.  By combining repetition with strong emotion, the attraction power will be doubled and you can attract so much easier.  To create it, you must vibrate it.   The universe will respond by bringing you what’s in harmony with your vibration.

Affirmations are positive acceptance statements which have all negativity eliminated.  They are used to assist you to adopt new ways of thinking and to reinforce the credibility of new concepts.  Use affirmations to build your self confidence, one thought at a time.  Always use the present tense for your affirmations as you need to trick your mind into thinking that what you want has already happened.  Make your affirmation personal to yourself, make it powerful with lots of emotion and make sure your end result is clearly defined and crystal clear.  Try using words that describe, such as opulent, tranquil and vibrant.

Here are some affirmations to get you started throughout your pregnancy, birth and newborn parenting experience and then some more for beyond the baby phase.  Have fun with these positive statements as you also boost your level of self confidence.


I trust my body

I live my purpose with ease and grace

I feel a natural tranquility flowing through my body

I welcome the changes in my body

I  have a beautiful baby

I know how to take care of myself and my baby in pregnancy

My pregnant body is beautiful

I see my breath as energy for my body

I am open and accepting of my pregnancy experience

My baby is safe and loved

My breasts are preparing to breastfeed my baby

Pregnancy suits me perfectly

My baby is growning strong and healthy

My body knows how to nourish and grow my baby

I eat nourishing healthy foods so that my baby will be born in optimal health


Your birthing will unfold exactly as you see it now.  You have defined your birthing in this way, and your birthing will happen as you have defined it.  Marie F. Mongan.

My body was made to birth my baby and knows exactly what it needs to do

My body is free of tension, fear and pain and knows exactly how to birth my baby with ease

My body is free of tension, fear and pain and knows exactly how to safely birth my baby vaginally after my previous cesarean birth

My pelvis is wide and open

Every breath I take is making me more and more relaxed

I trust my body to birth my baby easily

My body knows how and when to give birth

I put all fear aside as I prepare for the birth of my baby

My birth is  smooth and easy

I relax as my body moves quickly, easily and effortlessly through each phase of birthing

My baby is perfectly positioned for every phase of labour

I fully relax, safe in the knowledge that my birthing is turned over to nature

My baby’s birth is easy because I am so relaxed

I breathe correctly to eliminate tension

I feel my body sway with relaxation

I turn my birthing over to my body and my baby

I am prepared to meet whatever turn my birthing journey takes

My baby moves gently along in his/her birth journey

My baby is positioned perfectly for a smooth and easy transition in to the world

With each painless rhythmic surge (contraction), my body brings my baby closer to me

I meet each surge (contraction) only with my breath as my body is at complete ease

As my labour advances, I bring myself into deeper relaxation

As my labour advances, I go more deeply to where my baby is

My muscles work in complete harmony to make my birthing easy and effortless

I am a strong woman

I positively accept my labour and birth

My baby knows his/her true birthday

My baby will find the perfect position for birth

My labour will be perfect for my baby

My labour will be easy and effortless for me and my baby

I am relaxed and happy that my baby is coming to me

I trust my body, and I follow its lead

My mind and body are relaxed

I feel confident, safe and secure

I feel a natural tranquility flowing through my body

I relax as my baby and I move quickly, easily and free of pain and tension, through each phase of birth

My cervix opens and thins and allows my baby to gently ease down

I see my baby coming smoothly from my womb

My baby’s birth is easy because I am so relaxed

I breathe correctly and eliminate any tension

The tissues in my birth path are pink, healthy and stretch easily

My baby moves gently along in its journey

Each surge of my body brings my baby closer to me

My body remains still, limp and relaxed

I meet each surge only with my breath; my body is at complete ease

I slowly breathe up with each surge

I welcome my baby with love, happiness and joy 

As my baby is born, my blood vessels close to the appropriate degree

My placenta is birthed easily and effortlessly with minimal blood loss


My baby feels my love

My life is in perfect balance

I welcome my baby with joy, love and hapiness

I have love for all my children

I am an amazing woman and Mother

My baby is a unique individual

I graciously accept the help of others

I am surrounded by people who love me, support me and respect me

My body makes the right amount of breast milk at the perfect temperature to nourish my baby

My baby senses the peace I feel

I love my baby and my baby loves me

I love my partner and my partner loves our baby

I will always make the right decisions for my baby

My baby feels my sense of calm and relaxes

My baby is safe and secure at all times

My baby is happy and settled

My breasts were made to breastfeed my baby and produce an excellent supply of breastmilk

My family and I are safe and secure at all times

I am experiencing great love






I am healthy, wealthy and wise

My life is a success

I am loved and loving

My life is perfectly balanced

I live my purpose with ease and grace

I am corageous

I am able to overcome any challenges that come my way

My world is full of prosperity and abundance

Everything is working out for my highest good

I am well prepared for any situation

The universe lovingly takes care of me and provides me with everything that I need

I love and approve of myself

I am unique, special and wonderful

I take time for myself everyday

Money flows to me easily and effortlessly

I love it when unexpected money flows into my life

Money and prosperity enables me to give to others

The more I give, the more I receive

I will calmly, confidently and joyfully handle my responsibilities today

I have balance in all areas of my life

I enjoy being paid for what I love to do

I am willing to allow my life to be fun and easy

I now deeply and completely accept myself

My dreams are coming true now

Every day in every way, I am growing richer and richer

I release my concern for how others may view me, and am always true to myself

I love my life and now trust my heart to be my guide

I now take responsibility for my thoughts and my own experiences

I change my life by changing my thoughts

I now relax and allow myself to be inspired

I am the fulfillment that I seek

I am fearless

I love my body

I am the key to my own success

I love fearlessly

I am now financially independent and free

I love my life now

I am brilliance, I radiate brilliance and attract it into my life

I am a genius and I share my wisdom

I allow myself to relax and do what comes naturally, knowing that my thoughts are guiding my course

I am gentle with myself and others

I am the way, the truth and the light

I trust myself completely

I resist nothing, I allow the flow of life to carry me to my dreams

I am always in the right place at the right time

I am now at peace with myself

I am energetically aligned with my most comfortable and freeing physical expression

I am grateful for all that I am, all that I have, all that I give and all that I receive

I am safe, protected and divinely guided

I trust myself

I resist nothing and allow myself to be the flow

Life is effortless for me now

I now share myself, my joy, my love and my abundance with others, knowing that what I give I will receive back multiplied

I am beauty, I radiate beauty and attract it into my life

Doors are opening for me now

I love myself

I am healthy and vital

My endless good now comes to me in endless ways

I now attract only the highest vibrtional people, situations and experiences into my life

All that is mine now reaches me in great avalanches of abundance

Joyous new ideas are circulating freely within me

I am unlimited and can create anything that I want

I believe that everything comes in the perfect way and at the perfect time

I love money and money loves me

My words uplift and inspire others

I am willing to accept and know that I deserve the very best that life has to offer

My life glows with radiant beauty, richness and good

I am a creative free spirit, open to possibilies wherever and whenever they appear

I am a forceful magnet for all that I desire

I handle and invest my money wisely and I financially profit daily

I live a life of opulence

I possess drive, spirit, stamina and endurance

I have an outstanding winning attitude about myself and everything I do

I am in excellent physical, emotional and psychological health

I deeply respect my body and take care of it every day

I experience great pleasure as I enjoy my health and the strength of my physical self

My work makes a great contributionto others, and I am richly rewarded for it





For the highest good I

I acknowledge

I affirm

I allow

I am

I am bounding with

I am aware of

I am willing

I can

I choose

I create

I enjoy

I follow

I know

I fully accept

I know without a doubt

I make

I own

I realise

I trust

In everyway

In this moment

Right now I

Today I

Yes I



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