Universal Laws (Spiritual Laws, The Laws Of Nature, Cosmic Laws) govern the universe.  They are the basic principles of life and have been around since creation.  Universal Laws apply everywhere and to everyone.  They cannot be changed and cannot be broken.

The Law of Attraction/Cosmic Ordering:

The Law of Attraction is possibly the most well known of the Universal Laws as seen in the movie and book The Secret.  What you focus on is what you create, so what are you focusing on today?  Put your energy into what you love, desire and are grateful for.  The universe is then able to bring you things that make your heart sing.

The Law of Deliberate Creation:

Thoughts become things.  Deliberately choose thoughts today that bring you the things you desire, instead of thinking that something went wrong when you didn’t get what you wanted.  This law states that when we take 100% responsibility for everything in our lives, then we can deliberately focus our thoughts and emotions in the direction of what we want in our lives.  In this way we can work consciously with the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Allowing:

Stop, breathe and relax.  Simply allow the universe to do its magic.  You never know which people, experiences or things, whether good or bad, are here to transform your world and make your dreams come true.  This law states that when we allow others to be themselves and not try to change them, then we can do the same for ourselves and allow the universe to guide us to our highest good.

The Law of Abundance:

There is an unlimited supply of every good and wonderful thing and experience in the universe, enough for everyone and more.  You have everything within you right now to make your life, an absolute living dream.  Just believe, allow and accept.  The universe is abundant with everything and free from lack.  There is more than enough of everything for everyone to enjoy and to support us along our path in life.

The Law of Prosperity:

We are all beloved children of the universe, and it is time for you to claim your divine birthright and be prosperous.  Express yourself creatively and give yourself freedom to develop.  We all draw from the universal pool according to our consciousness.  You will either have a prospeity or a poverty consciousness.  Fear underlies a poverty consciousness. People who are generous hearted, open minded and giving will always be happy – why?  Because of their prosperity consciousness.  Think, speak and act as if you are prosperous, and the universe will be so impressed it will send you plenty.

The Law of Cause and Effect:

Be conscious of your actions for they are the seeds from which your tomorrow blooms and blossoms.  This law states that every action has a direct result which is the same proportion to the action that created the result.

The Law of Pure Potentiality:

You are a child of the universe.  No less than the trees and the stars.  you have a right to be here.  And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.  Believe, allow and accept, anything and everything is possible.  This law states that we are all pure consciousness.  To state that more clearly, we have unlimited potential because that is who we really are.

The Law of Relativity:

There are billions of people around the world, who if they could trade places with you for just one day, would be living a dream so far beyond anything they’ve ever imagined.  Be eternally grateful now for what you do have already.  This law states that nothing in the world has any meaning other than what we give it.  For example, nothing is good or bad unless we label it that way.

The Law of Rhythm:

Whenever something doesn’t work out the way you thought it would, instead of thinking that something went wrong, see it as something that went unexpectedly well.  But for reasons that are not yet apparent.

The Law of Detachment:

Let go, trust and believe.  The universe has manifested your desires and far greater, millions of times before.  The universe is always on your side, is always supporting you and always has your highest good at heart.  You are safe, loved and divinely guided.  This is the law of letting go.  When we are so focused on controlling the outcome of anything, then we can’t make room for the universe to come in and help ceate what we desire.  It is the law of trusting that it will all work out for the highest good.

The Law of Polarity:

Look for the good in everyone and everything.  You have the power to experience life as a series of dramas or a magical adventure.  What do you choose from this moment forward?  This law states that there are always opposites in this world and in our lives.  Such as hot and cold, black and white, night and day, what we want and what we have.


“The mind is capable of anything – because everything is in it, all the past, as well as all the future –  JOSEPH CONRAD.

The Law of Psycho-Physical Respnse:

This law states that for every suggestion, thought or emotion you have, there is a corresponding physiological and chemical response within the body.  In regards to childbirth, this is the most important Law of the Mind.  The body is the action component of the mind.  What the mind chooses to accept or perceive as being real, the body accordingly responds to.  The mind does not have the ability to act, so it sends messages to the body demanding action.  The body then plays out the thought.  Using the Law of the Mind so that it works with you and for you and not against you especially during childbirth is essential.

The Law Of Harmonious Attraction:

This law states that what we put out in the way of thinking and speaking, creates energy that comes back to us in the same form in subsequent experiences.  This is just like a boomerang effect.  Whatever thought or emotion you throw out to the world will come back to you exactly as you first proposed it would.  Words have energy, power and vibrations that translate into action.  The sound and vibration of what is being spoken will cause an emotional esponse within your mind and a physiological and chemical response within your mind and body.  Over time, the response will become part of your belief system, strengthening itself each time a similar vibration is accepted, therefore attracting more of the same.  Even when we silently engage in self talk, our words have a force, so if we speak self talk that is less than complimentary, we leave an imprint of inadequacy upon our subconscious mind.

It is essential that you keep your thoughts and language focused on what you do want rather than creating wasted, negative energy around circumstances that you don’t want.

The Law Of Repetition:

The frequency at which you are vibrating at does not necessarily equal fact.  Words and suggestions set off a chain of feelings, beliefs and reactions that can be uplifting, encouraging and supportive or debilitating.  Words create thoughts and emotions which conjure up feelings which over time become beliefs.  We begin to act out our beliefs by our behavious.  Our behaviour shapes our experiences.  Positive behaviour creates positive experiences and success and negative behaviour creates negative experiences and failure.

The Law of Motivation:

This law affects the physical body’s capabilities.  When the mind is highly motivated, the body responds properly.  Your mind is capable of narrowing its focus to accept positive suggestions.  Motivation is closely linked to your intent and your own self image.



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