Various forms of the zodiac can be traced to the earliest known civilizations, even the bible mentions “the constellations of the zodiac” (2 Kings 23:5).  Earliest references to the signs of the zodiac were found in ancient Babylon.  The Babylonians developed astrology in an effort to obtain information about their future.  In these modern times, signs of the zodiac continue to play an important role in the lives of many people.  Even those who do not claim to believe in the horoscope, often casually consult it simply for entertainment or out of curiosity.

The twelve signs of the zodiac are broken down into the elements of  fire, earth, air and water.  The names of the twelve signs of the zodiac are based on the constellations.  The signs through which the planets travel are a division of the sky into twelve equal segements of thirty degrees each.

The fire signs are Aries – March 21 – April 19, Leo – July 23 – August 22 and Sagitarius – November 22 – December 21.

The fire element in the horoscope:  People with a strong emphasis of the fire element are spontaneous and impulsive and apply their energy wholeheartedly.  They have a lively imagination and their emotional response is quick.

The earth signs are Taurus – April 20 – May 20, Virgo – August 23 – September 22 and Capricorn – December 22 – January 19.

The earth element in the horoscope:  Earthy people tend to act slowly and quietly and apply themselves with endurance.  Emotionally they are deeply rooted and slow to change.

The air signs are:  Gemini – May 21 – June 21, Libra – September 23 – October 22 and Aquarius – January 20 – February 18.

The air element in the horoscope:  Airy people are animated and quick, applying their energy in diverse ways.  Their feelings and expectatons are often intellectualized.

The water signs are Cancer – June 22 – July 22, Scorpio – October 23 – November 21 and Pisces – February 19 – March 20.

The water element in the horoscope:  People with a strong emphasised water element are very sensitive, touchy feely types.  Their imaginative and emotional lives are deep and rich.



The symbol for Aries is the powerful dominant ram.  Aries is at the start of the zodiac signs as it is at the start of the ancient new year, and marks the beginning of Spring.  Named after the constellation of Aries, after the golden ram who rescued Phrixos.  Aries is a fire sign ruled by the planet Mars.


Aries people are quick witted, dynamic and usually like to get their own way.  Often they are natural born leaders. They can also be quick tempered but are able to calm down quickly and can be supportive of others when they feel like it.  As Aries is a fire sign, and Aries persons whold motivations will be towards progression, success and achievement even against the biggest odds.  Aries people have a strong sense of justice.  They have lots of enthusiasm and self will and have a penetrating insight and a strong determination.  They usually know just how to get their own way, and become frustrated if things don’t turn out how they want them to.  Aries are positive and motivated.


Aries babies may have difficulty settling in the first few weeks after their birth.  Their strong personality is present from birth and there may be many wakeful nights.  Establish a good routine for your Aries baby, as once this is achieved your baby should be quite contented although he/she may still display the Aries temper at times.

Aries babies are naturally curious and love to be the boss.  If your baby is in a good mood, all will go smoothly, if not you will be sure to know about it.  Aries babies are motivated mentally and have dynamic personalities.  They respond to lots of love and being wrapped cosy and warm.  They love their share of the great outdoors, so take them for lots of walks and they love being where the action is.   Their minds are in overdrive, they never switch off.


You might need to keep you Aries toddler quite busy.  Aries toddlers rarely enjoy staying still for too long.  Provide a constant stream of stimulation, but not too close to bed time.  Aries toddlers can have destructive qualities, so outside play as an outlet can be good.  Aries toddlers  may demand alot of your time, but you will be richly rewarded in return.


APRIL 20 – MAY 20

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is ruled by Venus.  Taurus is an earth sign, named after the constellation of Taurus and is represented by the bull.  Taurus is usually compatible with the othe earth signs of Capricorn and Virgo.  The signs all share a down to earth demeanor, and relate on this merit.  It is another springtime (northern hemisphere) sign.


Taureans are usually kind, loving, determined and quite stubborn.  If they don’t want to co-operate, then nothing will make them.  Taureans are patient and can be very artistic and creative.  They love to live with routine and order and hate mess.  They are willing to wait to achieve their objectives and are hard workers.  They are approachable and friendly but often secretly worry about their health.  They love to achieve a peaceful and uneventful life.  Whilst usually passive, they can by destructive and powerful if anyone tries to cross them.


Taurean babies are very determined and can be quite stubborn and greedy.  If your baby decides not to co-operate, there is no point pursuing the task at hand.  This stubborn quality will often be evident at a very early age.  Although very determined, Taurus babies are often very quiet and usually settle easily.

Taurus generally promotes good health, and you baby may be quite robust.  Taurean babies are usually very loving and the love to have a routine (which all babies should) and be close to you.  Temper tantrums are rare, only usually emerging when your baby has decided that something is unacceptable.  Your baby will love cuddles with the significant carers in his/her world.  They also thrive on consistency.  Taurean babies may be late to crawl, but as all babies are unique individuals, they will achieve milestones in their own time.


Taurean toddlers still like to be close by to you and are often shy until they discover their own courage.  Taurean toddlers may be late to walk, but this can be their well known laziness.  Your toddler will be developing a fascination with the world.  There is so much to do and see, and their co-ordination is often well developed.

A little encouragement may be required if you feel there is a lack of confidence.  Establishing contact with other children may take extra time to establish.  Taurean toddlers often develop rapport with children of the opposite gender.

Your toddler is kind and loving mostly, but can display a temper if removed from an activity they enjoy.  In order to feel secure, Taurean toddlers need and want a clear routine.  This toddler is destined to become physically fearless eventually.


MAY 21 – JUNE 20

Gemini is the astrological sign originating from the constellation of gemini and is an air sign.  Gemini is represented by the symbol of twins and is ruled by Mercury.  Gemini is considered to be compatible with the other air signs of Libra and Aquarius.  These signs all share an “airy” demeanor, and are believed to relate on that merit.


Gemini is the zodiac sign represented by twins.  Gemini’s are complex, but not really deep and usually have a charming personality and an optimistic outlook.  They are mentally motivated and always busy with a constantly moving body.  Gemini’s are the investigators and experimenters in life.  Usually good talkers who get on with most other people.  They love to multi task and want to understand every part of life.  Whilst sometimes doubtful and difficult to understan, they are also enquiring and changeful.


Your Gemini baby will be lively and active from day one, and setting a routine may prove to be quite a challenge.  You may be very tired parents after the first few weeks.  Gemini’s love to learn right from the begining.  The Gemini baby surrounds him/her self with lots of stimuli, and their minds absorb everything like a sponge.  They love to take in everything that is going on around them.  Your baby will enjoy being around other people, and may want to feed frequently.

Gemini’s are easily bored, so be prepared to keep them occupied.  Gemini’s can by nature be quite nervous, so your baby may request your attention often.  Music may be a good choice as a settling strategy.


Gemini toddlers are naturally inquisitive.  The first two years of your baby’s life is important for them to collect information that will be vital in their adult life.  Gemini’s get into everything as they see items as something to be studied in detail.  Gemini’s need to be occupied most of the time, and don’t like being put into a playpen as they will feel confined.  Gradually, a family friendly routine will be of benefit to your very inquisitive toddler.  Lots of contact with other children will be appreciated and helps to build early relationships.


JUNE 21 – JULY 22

Cancer the crab is a sun sign and the fourth sign of the zodiac, ruled by the Moon.


Often the Cancer nature is quiet and reserved but friendly.  Cancer is intuitive and quick thinking, but tend to stay in the background.  Cancerians are artistic and creative, can be very adventurous and love to travel especially by water.  They usually love music and literature and have a deeply retentive memory with an above average intelligence.


Your Cancer baby will usually be an easy settler and may sleep for extended periods.  If this is not so, it will be due to other influences in the zodiac chart overruling those of the crab.   Cancer usually creates contented babies who love affection and thrive on periods of close personal contact to make them feel secure.  If they are in your company and feel loved, they will usually not be over demanding.

Your Cancer baby may feed often and rapidly gain weight.  The first few days after birth may be difficult as your baby adjusts to life outside the womb and to establishing routines, but once mastered you should have no further issues.  Cancer babies do not enjoy being on their own, they are very attentative and don’t miss anything.


Your Cancer toddler will be quiet by nature but inquisitive, and may be adventurous on occasions.  Mixing with other children may be difficult at first, often preferring the company of parents and siblings.  Naturally protective, your Cancer toddler will take some responsibility.  Pleasant in nature and willing to sit with a quiet activity, loves fresh air, being outdoors and visiting new places.  Routines are easily established, and although they do not always seek it, they do require lots of stimulation.



Leo is a fire sign represented by the lion and ruled by the planet Sun.


Leo’s are frank, free, outspoken and often have a noble nature.  They are fearless and powerful.  Leo’s are naturally magnetic people, very friendly and naturally intuitive.  Leo’s can be very outspoken and have a powerful conscience.  Leo’s can quickly become angry but don’t hold a grudge.  They are persistent, intelligent and philosophical.


Your Leo baby will show his/her personality right from the first days after birth.  Smiling comes naturally, however they have a fierce temper when things don’t go their own way.  Leo babies are good feeders who usually will increase their weight easily.  Being naturally alert and anxious to look at everything, sleep might be a challenge.  Lots of attention will be needed as well as being close to parents.  Leo’s usually meet developmental milestones quickly and they display natural leadership qualities early.  Leo babies are happy and robust with the odd minor health issue presenting.  They thrive on love and attention from immediate and extended family.  Naturally a show off and loves attention.


Leo’s hate to be restrained so once walking you will need several sets of eyes to keep track of where your Leo toddler is.  Leo’s find the world to be a fascinating place, and they want to know everything.  Born leaders, they like to be wiser than the rest of us.  If your Leo toddler is quiet at any time, it will be because he/she is learning.  Leo’s are dynamic and intelligent, love the company of other children and will be protective of their friends.  Difficult situations will arise when your Leo’s personality clashes with someone elses.  Leo’s rarely backdown in situations of confrontation.  As they are always on the go, Leo’s use up heaps of energy and need lots of sleep.  Leo toddlers can be exhausting but give back much pleasure.



Virgo is an Earth sign and the sixth sign of the zodiac.  It is represented by the virgin and ruled by the planet Mercury – the messenger of the gods.


Virgoans are modest, usually neat and often extremely fastidious.  They have a somewhat reserved nature, are good communicators and often are skilful writers and story tellers.  Sometimes having quite a temper but a not the sort to get into a fight, instead prefering to talk their way out of any confrontation.

Virgo’s love order, art, literature and beauty and luxury, often spoiling themselves.  Often looked upon as being cold and unapproachable, they are actually difficult to understand.  Virgo’s are quick witted and have very good reasoning power.


Your Virgo baby will need lots of love and reassurance which he/she will soak up.  The Virgo baby is alert and wants to learn as much as possible about the world and as quickly as possible.  Virgoan babies are like little psychologists who know exactly how to push your buttons.  Your baby may be a little slow at reaching milestones, but will soon catchup.  Whilst usually quiet, your baby may exhibit a healthy temper when he/she can’t get their own way.  Your baby will have quiet a stubborn streak.  May sleep alot during the day and be wakeful overnight.


Your Virgo toddler has a mixture of potentials and possibilities.  May still be slower than others at reaching some milestones, this may be due to laziness.  For short periods of time your toddler may appear to be grumpy, sulky and whining, but this usually won’t last for too long.  Virgo toddlers are quick learners and will need plenty of intellectual stimulation.  Very steady on their feet and learn to play with other toddlers at an early age.   Some Virgo’s do like their own company and enjoy solitary situations.



Libra is represented by the scales, the only inanimate object of the zodiac.  Libra is an air sign and is ruled by the planet Venus.


Those born under the sign of the scales are usually very balanced people who have a natural sense of justice and dislike unfairness, so the scale symbol suits them perfectly.  Librans are friendly, courteous, pleasant and usually very easy to get along with.  They often achieve great levels of personal success, are popular and very considerate of others.  Sometimes being quite untidy but they do hate dirty surroundings.  Often Librans will enjoy refind pleasures and art.  They have great intuitive foresight, and dislike any aggressive environments and will go to great lengths to keep the peace.


As Libra is an air sign, those born under an air sign are usually very active by nature, and this is usually displayed right from birth.  They require lots of love, and shouldn’t be too difficult to care for.  Librans are easy going babies often lying contented happy in their own company.  Librans have an innate curiosity and a determination to absorb information.  Libran babies love to be cuddled.  They are naturally showy and love to perform.  There is a balance between extrovert and introvert.  Smiling will occur early.  Their personality will be quite unremarkable however they are far from being predictable.


Once a Libran is mobile, there is no stopping them.  This can be because of their insatiable curiosity, they want to know everything about life as soon as they can.  Your Libran toddler does want to please you, so is rarely naughty just for the sake of being so.  Your toddler should learn rules and regulations quickly and can usually be trusted around ornaments in the family home.  Your Libran will love company and will tend to take care of another toddler of similar age.  Introducing educational toys is important to your toddlers development.  Libran toddlers display the character traits that they will have in adult life.  They love to occupy themselves and actively enjoy contributing to a happy family environment.  Your Libran toddler is very intuitive and will often know what you are thinking and may soon learn to predict your needs.



Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and is represented by the scorpian.  Scorpio is a water sign and is ruled by the planet Pluto.


Scorpians are usually reserved in personality, tenacious and very determined.  Scorpians are also very deep people who are passionate who sometimes have fiery outbursts.  Scorpians speech can be very blunt and they will not back away from disputes when they consider themselves correct.  They possess stamina and grit.  Usually getting on very well in life but they remain quite nervy, are always sensitive to the environment and to the wellbeing of others.  Scorpians enjoy mystery and often have a love of history.  Good at investigating and show intuition verging on a psychic ability.  Sometimes lack self control and become jealous.  Love travel and will often find themselves living somewhere far from home.  Natural loners but they do enjoy having someone special in their life.  Scorpio is a quiet but dynamic zodiac sign.


Scorpio babies can be as difficult to understand as are Scorpio adults.  Their is an inner conflict and quirky nature evident from very early days.  Scorpio babies are very loving and have a sweet nature.  They love relaxation and luxury and will often be good sleepers.  They love to be cuddled and rarely object to being left alone for short times and will not demand all of your attention.  Scorpio babies are often said to be born old – you may get an unnerving feeling that you baby Scorpian is looking back at you in an insightful manner.  Prone to temper tantrums but usually only when feeling uncomfortable.  Scorpians have definite opinions about how they should be treated and they will let you know if you are not treating them how they want to be treated.  Scorpians really are people pleasers and your baby will be no different.


Scorpio toddlers are wilful in making the transition between total dependence on parents and having their own physical interaction with the world.  Your toddler will be adventurous and want to know what makes the world go around.  They have prying fingers so you will need to keep cupboards locked and ornaments out of reach.  Scorpians need plenty of love and physical contact.  Your toddler may not like to mix with other children.  Scorpians are generally suspicious of strangers and Scorpio toddlers are no different.



Sagittarius is a fire sign, represented by the Archer and ruled by the planet Jupiter.


Sagittarians are jolly, bright and easygoing with a great sense of humour and boundless energy.  Can be frank and outspoken although it is never their intention to offend.  Quick tempered, this often subsides.  Usually sympathetic and have a desire to help others in need whenever possible.  They make good salespeople, and usually understand new technology easily.  Often able to see a potential loophole in a market that others fail to see.  Archers are generous, good hearted, cheerful and full of many good ideas.  Sagittarians often will have a nervy disposition but generally have good physical health.  Fond of travelling and enjoys the great outdoors.


Evident almost from birth, your Sagittarius baby will be a no nonsense individual.  May be quite demanding of your time and will love to have you around.  Archers are happy babies who usually settle easily.  Always having a high energy level, which may translate into sleepless nights for the parents.  Anxious to learn as much as possible about the world, so can’t do that when asleep.  Usually good feeders who enjoy good health.  Slightly restless when unsettled by circumstances.  Very sensitive to change, they like familiar surroundings and routines in their environment.  The more secure your baby feels the quicker he/she will settle into a routine.  Watching your baby grow and learn will be exciting and rewarding for you.  Your baby wants to know everything as soon as possible.  Never missing anything, your Sagittarian has a most active mind.


Sagittariuns love to be on the move, and often for quite some time before this becomes a reality.  Once mobile, there is no holding them back.  Into everything, so there is no chance of keeping anything valuable within their reach.  Very mischievous and will do almost anything to attract your attention.  Offer lots of stimulations through educational toys and books.  A popular family member from a very young age, and hardly likely to be quiet.  Often chats away to themself long before you can understand what he/she is saying.  Stuimulating the senses is what matters to this toddler.  They are so aware that there is much to learn.  Temper tantrums may be on the way but his/her personality is just like an active volcano that settles down quickly.



Capricorn is an Earth sign, is the tenth sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Saturn.


Capricorn is represented by the symbol of the water goat.  Capricorn people can be serious and thoughtful, reserved, tenacious and determined.  Difficult to get to know the Capricorn personality, but once a friendship is established, they prove to be the most supportive friends immaginable.  Capricorns are cautious and prudent, getting ahead as a result of effort and practical skills.  Capricorns have good concentration powers and can work for long periods of time without much reward because the know that in the end they will win.  Capricorns are industrious and thrifty and have a philosophical approach to life.  Capricorns often have an above average intelligence, often enjoying science, engineering and computer technology.  They love to make things work.  Can be slow in forming romantic attachments.  Sheer patience is the path to their ultimate success.  Capricorns are strong willed, making great managers, good partners and reliable allies.


Capricorn new borns usuall settle easily, sleep for long periods and by nature, are inclined to be quiet most of the time.   Much will depend upon their sense of security.  They often do very well as a second child born to parents who have experience and will inspire confidence.  Capricorn babies are very loving towards their parents.  They easily achieve developmental milestones and can be early crawlers, talkers and walkers.  Usually undemanding of your time, they will advance at their own pace no matter what stimulus is offered.  Not really a cuddly baby and doesn’t enjoy being picked up by many visitors.  Confidence comes through their own observation of live and their constant steady progress.


Watching your Capricorn toddler grow, will be an interesting experience.  Capricorns take objects, sights and sounds one at a time and thinks about them carefully.  Capricorns can get into mischief, but are usually careful and rarely turn out to be as boistorous as other zodiac signs.  They will find their walking feet at an average age and easily maintain their balance.  On occasions, your Capricorn can be quite serious.  May not mix very easily or readily with other children.  Possessing a stubborn streak, Capricorns will not stop until their goals have been achieved.  Life to your Capricorn is a relentless series of puzzles, struggles and achievements.  Each will be treated with the same serious interest and dealt with efficiently.  This attitude will set a pattern that is likely to be with your Capricorn toddler for th remainder of his/her life.



Aquarius is an air sign and the eleventh sign of the zodiac.  Represented by the water bearer and ruled by the planet Saturn.


Aquarius has a complex nature and are not always easy to understand.  Aquarians are determined and patient usually and can alternate between being quiet and displaying a showy nature.  Aquarians have a very good memory and are great with modern technology. Full of good ideas, plans and notions.  Has a generous and pleasant nature that looks out for the wellbeing of others.  Aquarians have very strong likes and dislikes.  Once their mind is made up about something, they will rarely change it.  Fair and will cange direction if they realise they are wrong.  Usually intuitive, fond of inventions, very social and adore the company of interesting, witty and intelligent people.  Very good at concentrating which is great for education and work progression.  A mentally active nature that shows great depth.


Sometimes very easy to settle and content to lie for long periods amusing themselves, and other times having a fierce temper and demanding nature.  This doesn’t happen too often fortunately, so just check that your baby is not uncomfortable in some way.  Aquarian babies are bright and cleary very intelligent.  They love to learn and are at their best when there is something interesting to look at, no matter how young they are.  Always wide eyed and with an innate sense of wonder, these babies are often said to be attractive.  Aquarians are very intuitive, when a battle looms they may win out every time.  Love will be given in huge amounts.  Only the odd difficulty will be presented by your baby Aquarian.


Toddler Aquariuns will be into everything once they find their feet.  They have a need to know how the world works and that will mean feeling it, smelling it, tasting it and investigating it in every possible way using all of their senses.  Anything precious or valuable may just end up broken due to curiosity.  Aquarian toddlers are usually delightful children who love to learn and will bring endless items to you for indentification.  They are intelligent and will need much stimulation.  Extremely social and the sooner your toddler gets to know other children, the better.  Always wanting to take care of others, and even trying to take care of you if you are not feeling at your best.  Technology will hold a fascination for your toddler so keep plugs and switches covered.  Easy to love and a bundle of mischief, your Aquarian will not have the need to sleep much and are in fact a miniature tornadoe.



Pisces is a water sign represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions.  Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Jupiter.


Pisces are very kind but misunderstood, charming, charitable and usually have a quiet disposition.  They can be quite timid, paying careful attention to detail and quiet modest.  Pisceans are natural peacemakers so avoid arguments at all costs.  They can be knowledgeable by using their intuition about the outcome of a situation and can therefore use their natural diplomatic skills to avoid future problems.  On occasions pisces can be energetic and go to great lengths to lend a hand.  Can be cheerful and full of optimism but can also be inclined towards depression.  Very intelligent and quick to understand and are very family oriented.  Love music and the animal kingdom.


Usually well behaved and often quiet, there are however always exceptions.  Pisceans can be insecure from birth and may be very demanding of your personal attention.  There is a basic need and desire to be with their loved ones.  Pisceans are often refered to as old souls, and seem to have a sixth sense with a knowledge beyond their age.  Take a look into your baby’s eyes and you will seem to see into infinity.  Your baby will have a deep and abiding affection and is always a much loved addition to any family unit.

Piscean babies often have upset stomachs, although discomfort rarely bothers them too much.  You may get a more restful nights sleep with your pisces baby than you would with any other zodiac sign.  Easily entertained by themselves, and usually not distruptive.  Happy to lie quietly, infact at times you may have to touch them just to make sure they are ok.  Pisceas simply was born to be quiet and gentle.


Often late to start toddling, pisces are content with crawling.  Piscean children do not worry too much about becoming upright in a hurry.  Once they do, they are very inquisitive.  Piscean toddlers love to learn, especially when sitting with you.  They revel in attention, but won’t be demanding.  Eventually your piscean will mix well with other children but they rarely take the lead and are happy to spend time on their own.

They love an ordered routine, require plenty of sleep and love and usually adore bath time.  Security means the world to them, so getting them to fly solo can be quite a challenge.  In their own quiet way, Pisces children will teach you almost as much as you teach them.  They are ver loving and aware individauals.

Source:  Butler, Alan ( 2002) Baby’s zodiac personality essentials. W. Foulsham & Co. Ltd. England.


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