This is such a fun uplifting activity to do and is one of my favourites.  Here’s a picture of the vision board that I used tohave on my laptop.

So what is a vision board?

A vision board or a vision book is a visual representation of what you want to achieve in your life.

Just grab some old magazines and find glossy pictures of what you would like to have manifest in your life.  Then just simply stick them onto some cardboard or pin them on to a board or even paste them in a book.

When you look at these pictures everyday they will become implanted into your subconcious mind.  Your mind will then start working out ways for you to achieve these things.  You can make a general vision board as I have done, or you can make different vision boards for different areas of your life such as: career/busines, family and friends, travel, finances/prosperity, health/wellbeing, spirituality etc.

This is a fun activity, you can even get your kids into a positive state of mind and have them do their own vision board.  Why not make it a family activity which you can review two or three times during the year to see what you are acheiving.

It’s a great activity to do on a cold rainy winters day, or any time really.  It’s uplifting and will make you feel great.  Remember to dream big.  You’re capable of attracting whatever it is that you want in your life.

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