Folio Downloads Indigenous Program (for Hypnobirthing Australia™ Class Participants Only)

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This package is for participants registered in the Hypnobirthing Australia Indigenous Program (Course Participants Only).

Please use your special voucher code to receive a 100% discount off the downloads at checkout. Your voucher will be given to you directly from your Certified Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner.

IMPORTANT: Please use a COMPUTER (not a phone/mobile device) to download your albums and eBook. For details on how to download – see your download voucher or Q&A.


1. Rainforest Dreaming album (1 track)

2. Surge of the Sea album (2 tracks)

3. Rainbow Mist album (2 tracks)

4. eBook ‘little book of hypnobirthing’


The ‘Rainforest Dreaming’‘Surge of the Sea’ and ‘Rainbow Mist’ albums are part of the ‘Hypnobirthing Australia Indigenous Program’.

You also receive the eBook ‘little book of hypnobirthing’.

This download package is only available to currently registered participants of a Hypnobirthing Australia course.

In addition to these albums and eBook, parents will receive a comprehensive physical folio of resources at Hypnobirthing Australia classes offered by Certified Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioners only.

Hypnobirthing Australia Course Participants: Please use your 100% discount voucher for this download (provided by your practitioner) at checkout. 

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