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Do you think birth can be pain free?  No matter what your answer is – you’re right.  If you think birth is painful, full of fear, pain relieving drugs and epidurals, then you’re right and birth will probably be like that for you.  If you think birth can be an amazing memorable experienc free of fear and pain and as nature intended, then guess what – you’re right again.  What ever you think will likely be your outcome.


A woman’s body is perfectly designed by mother nature to conceive, grow and birth a baby.  So why then do so many women have painful births?  Let’s take a look at childbirth.


Childbirth can be, has been and is able to be a completely drug free and drama free amazing experience.  The supports necessary for your amazing birth are darkness, solitude and quiet, physical comfort, emotional support, deep relaxation, rhythmic breathing, the art of visualising your perfect birth, the repetition of positive affirmations to reprogram your thinking – what you need is the simple but transformational knowledge that Hypnobirthing Australia teaches you.


Humans are mammals.  Other mammals in the animal kingdom birth to their instincts and they will usually find somewhere that is quiet and where they feel safe.  They will usually give birth in the dark, where they are probably feeling relaxed and serene.  Althought animals feel pain in other situations, during birth they remain quiet, relaxed and calm.  They experience the intensity of birth by moaning quietly and rhythmically, just like Hypnobirthing mothers use their primal instincts.  Animal mammals just like humans, also release complex hormones to contract their uterus to birth their baby and produce milk to feed their babies.


If an animal feels threatened, observed or disturbed, a powerful hormonal response in their body kicks in to enable them to stop the labour until they can be somewhere safe.


Women also have this instinctive mechanism to shut down or slow down labour if feeling frightened, observed or unsafe.  This is known as the “fight or flight” mechanism.  This is often why many women experience their labour either slowing or stopping once they are in hospital.  It doesn’t slow or stop because they feel safe as is often thought, labour is slowing or stopping because the woman is feeling fearful, threatened, not in control, observed and not in the environment necessary for birthing.  The actual perceived fear of birth itself may even prevent some women from going into spontaneous labour which may lead on to a medical induction of labour.


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Remember – Knowledge Is Power

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