Wishing all mummies a very happy Mother’s Day 2014.

Mothers’ are the guardians of life – they embody the mysterious regenerations that sustains all humanity.  Their wealth of inherited wisdom is transmitted down through the generations, from Mothers to daughters, Grandmothers to grand-daughters all over the world.  Mothers’ are the selfless nurturers of the helpless.  Motherhood is a common cause, a universal and cherished gift, and an experience to share.  (Jackson, D. 1990). 

Mothering is the most joyful experience.  It doesn’t matter what country you’re from, what language you speak, what colour your skin or hair is, what political view you hold or what religion you are; the majority of women all want the same for their children, and that is the best that they can possibly provide.  Welcome to the unity, diversity and harmony that is the Sisterhood of Mothers’.


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