1.  Recharge:  Try setting aside a day for yourself one a month doing something that you love to do.  You’ll feel more relaxed, energised and refreshed.  Also try to set aside five minutes each day to do some little thing for yourself.

2.  Keep Active:  A daily walk can provide you with some valuable ME time alone.  You will also benefit from becoming fitter and feeling healthy and happier.

3.  Shop Smart:  Try shopping online.  You can even order your supermarket groceries this way, avoiding the queues and traffic jams in the car park.  The time you save can be spent on nurturing yourself.

4.  Just Say No:  Practice saying no.  Having too many commitments can leave you feeling stretched and drained.  If you don’t really want to do something, then don’t – all you have to do is say No and no explanation is necessary.

5.  Treat Yourself:  Everyday schedule time into your diary to do some little thing for yourself.  Just a small thing such as painting your nails, chatting to a friend or taking five minutes to flick through your favourite magazine.

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