Noelene’s support, compassion and understanding has given her unique gifts as a coach.  My session times with Noelene have been amazing and awesome, which assists me to continue my journey to be the best possible person I can be.  I have left our sessions feeling corageous, uplifted and accomplished.  Thank you so much.

Janelle Makings,

Stanthorpe, Queensland,



Noelene shares her wisdom and insight freely, and she is such a supportive Life Coach.  I really appreciated our time together.

Lyndi  Lytle,

Salt Lake City, Utah,




I have been coached by Noelene over the telephone for the past few months.  During this time, Noelene’s professional manner coupled with her caring passion for coaching has uncovered some hidden surprises, which I have found amazing and exciting to pursue.  Noelene is very practical and punctual and always follows up with an email summary of our session, plus a keyword and/or project/homework to work on for the week ahead.  I found this to be very beneficial and motivating.

I have enjoyed and appreciated my time with Noelene, and I look forward to working together again.

Jean Uzkuraitis,

Darwin, Northern Territory,


I love the transformational processes and the structure Noelene’s coaching offered.  It enabled me to get out of my comfort zone, and to create a new business following my passions.  Noelene inspired me to really evaluate what my beliefs were, and I now have a greater understanding of where I am in life and where I want to be.  I recommend coaching with Noelene, to anyone who wants tao make changes in their life and need enouragement and support.

Alana Carpenter,

Weight Loss Coach & Mentor,

Tasmania, Australia.


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