If you’re expecting a baby in December or just love the festive season, here’s a list of Christmas inspired girls and boys names. Do you know of any others? Happy Christmas to everyone!


Angel – The heavenly being who spread the news of the birth of Jesus

Carol -English for hymn or song

Gabrielle/Gabriella – feminine of Gabriel the angel who announced the birth of Christ

Gloria – Latin for glory.  The name of a famous Christmas carol

Holly – Christmas carol “The Holly And The Ivy”

Ivy – Christmas carol “The Holly And The Ivy”

Joy – A Christmas carol – Joy to the world

Mary – Mother of Jesus

Natasha – Russian for Christmas day

Nicole or Nicola – Feminine of Nicholas

Noelene – Feminine of Noel – French for Christmas

Star – The famous star over Bethlehem to guide visitors to the manger

Summer – Named after the seasons

Winter – Named after the seasons


Christian – Follower of Christ – Latin

Christopher – Christ bearing – Greek

– God has judged – Hebrew

Emmanual – God is with us – Hebrew

Gabriel – The angel who announced the birth of Christ

Joseph – Father of Jesus

– He will add – Hebrew

Nicholas – Popular jolly character Old St. Nicholas

Noel – French for Christmas.  The firs Noel is a famous Christmas carol

Timothy – Revering God – Greek



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