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Here are some Christmas baby names:  Do you know of any more? Carol:  English hymn or song Gabrielle/Gabriella:  Feminine of Gabriel, the angel who announced the birth of Christ Gloria:  Latin for glory.  The name of a famous Christmas carol Holly:  A Christmas carol, the holly and the ivy.  Also anglo saxon for the ivy …

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Upsize Your Brain

Here are some easy ways for busy mums to improve their concentration and decision making in just minutes. When you have a couple of minutes at the traffic lights, just breathe.  I know this sounds obvious but alot of people don’t inhale and exhale fully, which stresses their nervous system.  Take a long, slow, deep breath and …

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‘Everyday Play’ is the final in this series of four baby play articles. Routines help children know what to expect and give rhythm to life.  The cycle of feed, play, sleep is often established.  Play lifts otherwise boring routines into opportunities for sharing, learning, bonding and fun. Why not try: *A massage or song at …

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This is the second blog post in the four part Baby Play series. Today we will take a look at quiet play.  So play does not always have to be busy, it can be restful and soothing.  Quiet reflective play is as important toyour baby’s wellbeing as are times of social and physically active play.  …

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Baby floor play will be the first in a series of four baby play articles.   Babies busily examine everything around them, learning by seeing, touching, tasting, feeling and hearing.  They explore and experiment to discover new information.  New skills are mastered through practise and repetition. As a parent, you can help by understanding the …

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Your body image is how you perceive, think and feel about your body.  This may have no no relation at all on your actual appearance.  It is common in Western nations for women to believe that they are larger than they really are.  Only one in five women are satisfied with their body weight.  Nearly half …

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HypnoBirthing – Taking The Birthing World By Calm

So what is HypnoBirthing®?  Hypnobirthing® is a natural approach to a safe, easier more comfortable birthing experience.  Using the amazing power of self hypnosis, visualisation, mind and body preparation, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, ultra deepening and affirmations for easier comfortable birthing. Marie Mongan – hypnotherapist is the founder and director of HypnoBirthing® and has devoted her entire life …

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Care Of The Perineum

After having your beautiful baby, your bottom is where you might feel painful.  The area between your vagina and rectum is called the perineum and you may be feeling quite tender.  The whole of this area expands to allow for the birth of your baby, and will slowly go back into shape over the coming …

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There are many ways to say Mother

Mum, Mummy, Mother (Australian and British) Mom (American) Mutter (German) Mere (French) Maji (Hindu) Madre (Italian) Mae (Portugese) Majka (Serbian) Matka (Czech) Moeder (Dutch) Mana (Greek) Makuahine (Hawaiian) Ibu (Indonesian) Madre (Spanish)      

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